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Julian’s Success Story | Mitchell High School

3 thoughts on “Julian’s Success Story | Mitchell High School

  1. I took a class way back in High school it was a business class for retail/clerk. When I started the class I was already working but I needed the skills to sell a product ,fill out forms and when I finished the class I had all the experience I needed to be a sales person and I filled out forms like a pro .I hope High schools add more trade skill classes it is so much more fun than just a class and very useful for those who want to work just out of high school like I did. I loved having my own money to pay for my car, insurance and rent money it made me way ahead of my classmates I had more freedom to buy the things I wanted instead of waiting for a tiny weekly allowance from Mom and Dad. I would tell any teen to get a part time job in high school it beats sitting at home alone and I wasn’t depressed like I was alone sitting at home with nothing to do. I worked after school starting at 13 years old and I loved do what I did to earn a pay check. Being a teen I was depressed until I got a job.

    1. Wow, what a neat story Marjie! We are excited to be bringing vocational education back into local area high schools.

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