About Careers in Construction Colorado

The Careers in Construction (CIC) program was created in 2015 in partnership with the Associated General Contractors (AGC)- Colorado to address the workforce shortage and dropout rates originally in El Paso County, and eventually around the state, by putting skilled vocational education back in high schools. The role of the committee was as program facilitators- the industry provides support, funding and employment opportunities while allowing teachers to teach.

Due to the tremendous program growth, in 2019, in partnership with the AGC, Careers in Construction Colorado (CICC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization was formed, which serves as the governing entity of the CIC program.

A Workforce Development Initiative Founded By:

CICC Southern Colorado- supported by CSHBA

CICC Denver Metro- supported by AGC

Careers in Construction Colorado is funded by the construction industry through a funding mechanism, the Building Futures Fund, as well as donations and grants. Hundreds of students in the Pikes Peak Region are learning construction career skills through CICC-supported classroom education.

Program Goals

  • To offer instruction to students providing real-life skills and the opportunity to learn a building trade as well as the professional skills needed to obtain employment
  • To demonstrate to students across the state of Colorado, as well as their families, educators and community leaders the depth and the breadth of the construction industry and value of learning a trade for career and educational opportunities
  • To provide career pathways to employment via internships and apprenticeships leading to permanent employment for students who want careers in the industry
  • To engage fellow businesses to support this valuable program that addresses the shortage of skilled tradespeople in Colorado and will enable the construction industry to grow in the long run