About Careers in Construction

Through partnerships with educational entities and other organizations, Careers in Construction establishes and maintains vocational education courses and programs focused on skills training for the various trades within the construction industry, to promote the benefits of career opportunities in the construction industry to students, parents, influencers, and educators, and develop effective job placement platforms to connect students to industry.




Careers in Construction is funded by the construction industry through a funding mechanism, the Building Futures Fund. Hundreds of students in the Pikes Peak region are learning construction career skills through CIC-supported classroom education.

Program Goals

  • Show teens across the Pikes Peak Region – as well as their families, educators and community leaders – the value of learning a trade, both for the satisfaction of building something and the career and educational opportunities it can lead to.
  • Offer job, internship, and apprentice opportunities for young people who are interested in the trades.
  • Engage our fellow businesses in supporting this valuable program, addressing the shortage of skilled tradespeople in Colorado, and helping the construction industry grow.