Careers In Construction
Background & Vision

Careers in Construction

Reviving career and technical education in the Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak Region


In 2015, the Housing & Building Association of Colorado Springs (CSHBA) and The Associated General Contractors of Colorado (AGC-C) partnered with leading regional educators to address the workforce shortage and dropout rates in El Paso County by putting the skilled vocational education back in high schools through Careers in Construction (CIC). Providing pathways to:

  • Graduation
  • Employment
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Personal Pride and Confidence
  • Professional life skills

Supported by CSHBA and AGC-C members and educational allies and funded by voluntary permit fees from thousands of construction projects in the community, CSHBA is bringing back vocational education back to Pikes Peak region high schools.

The program started with fewer than 30 students in one high school in 2015. Today, the program includes over 450 students enrolled in six participating districts and 12 high schools in the Colorado Springs area. Students are learning to use their hands and minds to discover new passions — while building valuable skills and paving the way for post-secondary education or a new career.

With the Colorado housing and commercial construction industry rapidly growing, it is imperative to encourage and prepare students for the many career opportunities available in this industry. The CIC program is providing students with the right education and experience necessary to help them discover the potential of a future in construction. With 177 certifications earned in the 2017-2018 academic year, this program has proven to be successful. As CIC looks to the future, we aim to implement the CIC program in more schools in Colorado and continue to educate and equip students to enter the construction industry.

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About Company

Careers in Construction was launched in 2015 to help young people connect with construction trade education in the Pikes Peak and Southern Colorado regions - and to encourage our allies in the construction industry to join us in creating good career opportunities while helping their industries.


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