Careers In Construction
What We Do

What the Careers in Construction (CIC) Program Does:

  • CIC supports Colorado high schools in renovating and maintaining construction classes featuring Home Builders Institute curriculum and sustained by funds from both voluntary donations from Colorado Springs Housing & Building Association member businesses, associated trades, and a grant from the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment.
  • CIC advocates for the value of engaging students throughout the region with skills they can use their whole life reaching out to parents, counselors, community leaders/influencers, and industry stakeholders.
  • CIC invites trade businesses to participate in building regional construction talent and sustaining CIC.

CIC Has Identified Program Partners and Their Roles:

  • Facilitate, support with funding and employing students
  • Teach to specific outcomes identified by the industry
Curriculum Provider
  • Provide the best industry curriculum that is updated and relevant, and train and support the teachers

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About Company

Careers in Construction was launched in 2015 to help young people connect with construction trade education in the Pikes Peak and Southern Colorado regions - and to encourage our allies in the construction industry to join us in creating good career opportunities while helping their industries.


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