Careers In Construction

PACT Unit 6- Carpentry

Instructors teach the fundamentals of structural design and framing. Although the trade has evolved to include new techniques and materials, the basics of layout, cutting and shaping, joining and checking remain the same. Skills learned by students include:

  • Building walls
  • Installing roof joists, rafters and trusses
  • Laying roofs with plywood and shingles
  • Insulating, weather-stripping and caulking
  • Installing doors, windows and siding
  • Laying wood floors and stairs
  • Installing interior finish and trim
  • Installing cabinets and countertops
  • Building forms for concrete
  • Using green building techniques to reduce resources, conserve energy, increase durability of structures and improve indoor air quality.

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Careers in Construction was launched in 2015 to help young people connect with construction trade education in the Pikes Peak and Southern Colorado regions - and to encourage our allies in the construction industry to join us in creating good career opportunities while helping their industries.


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