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According to an economic-modeling company, Emsi, skilled trades show among the highest potential among job categories. This potential is affirmed by the estimated 31 million trade positions that will be left vacant by 2020 from retiring Baby Boomers, according to Adecco.

The CIC program is encouraging students to take advantage of these job opportunities by providing the education and training to enter into the trades, even right out of high school.

However, if a CIC student decides to not pursue a future in construction after graduation, they are still equipped with a valuable education and skill set they can use both personally and professionally, regardless of their chosen career.

Below are just a few of the careers that CIC certified students are applicable for:

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Careers in Construction was launched in 2015 to help young people connect with construction trade education in the Pikes Peak and Southern Colorado regions - and to encourage our allies in the construction industry to join us in creating good career opportunities while helping their industries.


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