Find apprenticeships, internships, part-time and full-time job opportunities

Nothing will accelerate your knowledge faster than learning on the job, which is why our network of Pikes Peak Region builders and contractors are posting their latest job opportunities here. Check out the job descriptions, and apply to all the ones that interest you!

If you have completed enough training, you can also find salaried jobs and contracting opportunities.

These entry-level positions are available to all qualified individuals.

Special assistance is available throughout the application process for high school students enrolled in CIC classes. Contact or 719-592-1800 x 118 for guidance.

Employers: Fill out the form below or contact Kitt Smith at 719-592-1800 x 100 or to submit your open positions.

Robbins Roofing Specialists, Inc. Colorado Springs, United States Jan, 16
J&M Cleaning, Inc. Colorado Springs, Colorado Jan, 16
Oakwood Homes Colorado Springs, Colorado Jan, 16
Rustic Floor Covering Colorado Springs, Colorado Jan, 16
Noble Truss Sedalia, Colorado Jan, 16
Classic Homes COLORADO SPRINGS, CO Jan, 15


If you are an adult job-seeker, please also visit the job bank at