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Classes will be available beginning Fall 2019!

Title of Class Offered: Construction Technology 1 and 2 First-year students

Course Duration: 1 Semester each

Prerequisites: None

Class Description: This introductory course is for students who want to develop skills common to the construction trade. Students will receive in-depth instruction in the use of hand power tools. They will be expected to perform practical exercises on a wide variety of equipment commonly used in the construction trade. Students will acquire basic drafting skills and learn to read and understand architectural plans. Students will learn the basics of materials use, cost, and estimating for a variety of projects. Students are expected to demonstrate their knowledge through the construction of required projects. Special emphasis also is placed on safety for the construction trade. They will be introduced to the ICC-700 National Green Building Standards, as well as the Pre-Apprenticeship Certificate Training (PACT) curriculum and the Skill Achievement Records (SARs) process for certification. Construction Technology is a year-long course.

NOTE: Students are enrolled in Construction Technology I for the first semester and Construction Technology II for the second semester.

Students will learn the “Core Curriculum,” in accordance with HBI standards, including:

  • Safety orientation
  • Trade Tools and Materials
  • Introduction to construction
  • Your role in the green environment
  • Using Applied Construction Math
  • Scholars will also learn basic carpentry, plumbing, electrical, and framing skills.

Skills acquired: Basic Framing, Basic Safety, Tool Use, Material Identification, Employability Skills

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Careers in Construction was launched in 2015 to help young people connect with construction trade education in the Pikes Peak and Southern Colorado regions - and to encourage our allies in the construction industry to join us in creating good career opportunities while helping their industries.


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