Help us in growing a skilled workforce.

Support Careers in Construction when you pull a permit, and you just might be helping to train your next job site star.


If you’re a contractor, builder, or supplier, you’ve likely experienced what the shortage of skilled tradespeople in Colorado means for your business.

Join us in growing a skilled workforce by providing monetary support to the Careers in Construction program. When you pull a permit at PPRBD, please consider the optional surcharge to support CIC. You can also support the program in the ways listed below.


Careers in Construction (CIC), established in 2015 by the Colorado Springs Housing & Building Association (CSHBA) and The Associated General Contractors- Colorado (AGC-C), is addressing the workforce shortage and dropout rates in El Paso County by putting skilled vocational education back in high schools. Due to tremendous program growth, in 2019, Careers in Construction Colorado (CICC) was formed, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, serving as the governing entity of the CIC program.

Funds will be used to supplement the needs of the school districts directly related to this program, including items such as tools, instructor training, HBI curriculum, and construction materials. Contributing to this fund supports growing tomorrow’s workforce, while also helping students discover their potential and learn valuable skills.

Details on ways to support the program are listed below.

Ways to Support the Program
  • Building Futures Fund- A financial support mechanism created to ensure that long-term funding is available to sustain the Careers in Construction program. Upon pulling a building permit at the Pikes Peak Regional Building Department, contractors are given the option to support CIC on a per-permit basis.

         Building Futures Fund Investments are as follows:

    • Remodel/Alterations – $6.00/permit
    • New Residential – $25.00/permit
    • New Commercial – $50.00/permit
    • Commercial Remodel/Alterations (over $20k) – $50.00/permit
  • Financial contributions – Make a one-time or recurring financial contribution. Contributions are tax deductible through Careers in Construction Colorado, which is the governing 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization for the CIC program.
  • Provide employment opportunities: Employ students from the Careers in Construction program in the following:
    • Full-time
    • Part-time
    • Summer
    • Work-study program
    • Internship
    • Apprenticeship
    • Try before you hire – a partnership with Pikes Peak Workforce Center to provide an immersion experience for students
  • Tools and materials – Donate new tools or consumable construction materials to be used in the classroom for building projects.
  • Speaker/Mentoring – Volunteer to share your knowledge and experience with students in the classrooms, career fairs and other events.
  • Host job site visits and field trips – Provide students an opportunity to experience and understand the everyday functions of a career in construction by offering a field trip to your jobsite. We also recommend allowing time for a Q&A session with your construction team, this offers students insight into the different roles and responsibilities of construction workers.
  • Program sponsorships- Designate a contribution to a specific school or project.
  • Display the Logo – Displaying the “Supporter” logo on your website helps promote the program and spark interest. To download the logo, click the file below and upload the format you need!





  • Other- If none of the above options are the right fit for you, email with suggestions on how you would like to get involved.

To learn more or make a donation to the Careers in Construction program, contact Kitt Smith at